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21 years old now! Time to move fast

21 years old now. Move your ass and take action !

I am a computer science student from Vietnam. For the one who doesn’t know, Vietnam is a the country which located in the South East of Asia. Vietnam has a proud history in the past. We defeated a lot of strong and powerful nation in the world. In the current time, our economy is developing rapidly and has a lot of potentials for information technology to flourish. Why did I choose computer science as the major of study? Since I was a child, I had a dream of becoming a programmer in the future. I simply though that working as a programmer is extremely great. Becoming a programmer means that you can play with a computer in the whole day. Second, I was born in 1993. At that time, our generation had a chance to live in the first development of information generation. Microsoft ruled the world of computers at that time and Bill Gates is the idol of many young children in Vietnam as well as in the world. When I was 18, I passed the university entrance exam of Hanoi University. The faculty of Information Technology where I am studying at is one of the youngest faculty in Hanoi University. As for that reason, we have a lot of obstacles. Many lecturers are young and do not have a lot of teaching experience. However, we use English as the language while studying in the faculty, unlike other universities in Vietnam . And the learning materials is updated to adapt to the fast development of Information Technology.

Back to my problem, this is the problem which many young people at the age of 20 have – worry about the near future after graduating. In fact, many people do not work by using the things they obtained at the university. Some who studied engineering may work as a salesman. But I do not want to go to that way. I want to maximize the value of what I studied at this time when I studying. However, in the area of Information Technology, it is not easy to choose a way to follow. There are a lot of fields: networking, system administration, coding, designing. In coding, there are a lot of programing languages. Bad new is it is impossible to be good at all things. As a quote, people who know all know nothing. I myself think that developing a website is fun, but I also love mobile programing. In order to do all that things, I have to master at quite lots of programing languages, tools, models and frameworks.

There are somethings I have to do from now. It is very difficult to studying all the languages one by one. Therefore, Java and PHP will be main languages I choose to focus. One is high-level, other is scripting language. I need to get a part-time jobs and bid for some projects on oDesk or Freelancer. And I need to build a website and Android applications.

 To summarize, I have to:

– Study Java and PHP

– Build a website using PHP

– Building Android apps then publish them on Google Play

– Have a part time job / Work on oDesk or Freelancer



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